MEP Florida was created to provide operators with the freshest, safest and most consistent cold-pressed juice, allowing them to focus on their passion for mixology and their guest’s satisfaction.

MEP Florida provides the opportunity for bars and restaurants to use cold-pressed juices to enhance their high-quality, craft cocktail beverage program. From cold pressed lime and lemon juice to sours and special blends, we’ve got it covered. We select only the best fruit and press them using state-of-the-art equipment.  Our juices are guaranteed fresh and safe, while saving your business labor costs and creating consistency your customers will appreciate.

MEP Juices are handcrafted from Non-GMO fruit. We make a conscious effort to source only the best fruit from local growers who do not genetically modify. There are a number of issues in consuming GMO products including increased allergies. We know our partners are looking for products that are Non-GMO based, and so are their customers. It’s not only good for the body, but also good for the environment.


M.E.P. Florida juices are cold-pressed and High Pressure Processed (HPP), nothing more. Cold pressing itself is a manufacturing process where there is no heat application used during the extraction of the juice. HPP is the process where bottled juices go through extreme pressure cylinders, which stunts the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms. Because there is no heat involved in either process, juices retain more of their natural flavors, nutrients and colors. Our juices taste freshly squeezed and their shelf life is from 45 to 60 days.


By providing the highest quality cold-pressed juice for an evolving hospitality industry and utilizing local resources, MEP will deliver the best juice to help you craft your best cocktails. Made 100% from Miami, Florida fruit when in season, MEP juices are made with little to no impact on the environment, creating a smaller footprint from production.


Our goal is to increase the efficiency and profits of our operator partners. By reducing labor costs, from endless hours of juicing in-house to eliminating the needless waste, MEP juices are the single most important ingredients you will have behind your bar.